Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Summer Update // 1

Hello! It's been a while… Summer is definitely over, and judging by the snow on the mountains (and in the forecasts), Fall is on its last legs too. And I've barely posted anything about our doings these last few months. Shame on me. So here's my attempt to catch up a bit. I've got a few posts in the works to cover the highlights of the past season, starting with this one. 

The above photo was taken at the Eklutna Lake Campground, where Nick and I had our very first Alaskan camping adventure! Ok, adventure might be a bit strong. We roughed it for one night with some friends and their kids. It was fun, and the setting was gorgeous. If you look closely, you can kind of see a little bit of rainbow tucked between the hill in front and the one just behind it. And below is the actual lake. Our campsite was just a short walk away.

Pretty huh? Next time I'd like to stay a little longer and maybe bring a kayak. 

Every once in a while, Nick gets inexplicable urges to bake cookies, grill meat, and try new and complicated recipes. In a fit of culinary bravado, he decided to make lasagna completely from scratch. Including the noodles.

The first batch of noodles was a flop, but the second batch turned out great! The lasagna was delicious, but not quite mind-blowing enough to justify all the work that went into it. Store bought noodles will be just fine in the future.

The really exciting food event of the summer was these:

Nick just went out one morning and brought back three big fish! I came home for lunch to find him cleaning them out (all over the kitchen). He had an appointment he was running late for, so he left me with a quick "can you clean up the kitchen and take care of the fish in the sink?" Not exactly what I was expecting to do on my lunch break, but we're having salmon for dinner tonight and it totally makes up for the mess.

So there's a little taste of what we've been up to. Stay tuned for more!

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