Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Hovel

In one week, Nick and I will be moving back to Anchorage, so I'm finally getting around to showing you just where we've been living these last few months.  The tardiness of this post is mostly due to laziness, but I have had a few technical difficulties as well, so please forgive the crummy pictures.  Above, you see the entrance to our home which I have nicknamed The Hovel.  It's an itty-bitty condo on Douglas Island, just across the Gastineau Channel from where we work in downtown Juneau.  I wish I could show you the photos I took when we first moved in (stupid technical difficulties), because it's a pretty sad little place, but it's come a long way since we first saw it.  Just through that front door is our living room:

 I'm actually very proud of how this room looks now.  When we first moved in, there were a couple of grime-encrusted, upholstered chairs to go with the drop-leaf table and our landlord brought over a very ugly, but functional loveseat.  I ordered a cover for it, but it's too small, so you can still see some of the lovely western-esque pattern peeking out at the bottom.  It doesn't look too awful in the photo, but trust me, it is.  

After a less than successful attempt at constructing our own coffee table, our landlord took pity on us and brought over the one you see here.  It's huge, which is great since it serves as our coffee table, dinner table, desk and media center.  It's usually a little more cluttered than pictured here.  The side tables, stools, shelves and microwave cart came from a garage sale, the vacuum is on loan from a co-worker, and the microwave was on its way to the dump before we rescued it.  We really didn't want to invest much into decorating this place, since it's so temporary, so the walls stayed depressingly bare for quite a while.  My favorite piece of "art" in this room is definitely this awesome coffee poster that I found buried in a cupboard at work:

It hangs over our microwave and I plan to keep it forever.  Isn't it great?  Free or super-cheap were my requirements for decorating the other walls, so I used twine and a dowel rod to make the macrame hanging and ordered a pack of clipboards to use as make-shift frames that I never got around to filling.  Oops.  I still think they're an improvement over the bare wall.  Continuing with our tour, we pass through our tiny kitchen to get to the bedroom:

When we were looking for an apartment in Juneau, it had to be fully furnished.  We're only here for a few months and we only brought what we could fit in our car with us.  Buying an apartment full of furniture and then needing to sell/store/move it all shortly after was not an option.  As you can see here, our place came with a bed.  But don't let that fluffy white comforter fool you.  It's covering the most disgusting mattress I've ever slept on.  We put a nice thick mattress pad over the whole thing, but it should really just be burned.

And there's our little bathroom.  I'm just grateful everything in it works.

So that's where we've been living lately.  I'm amazed at how flattering these photos are, so I was originally going to include a few close-ups of just a few of the things that make me so happy to leave this place behind, but I think I'll spare you all and just stop here.  If you want the grisly details, I'll gladly share them with you in person.

Let's end on a happy note: we think the mouse is gone!

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