Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Last Thursday, Nick and I boarded the Tustumena ferry and began our trip to Juneau.  We'd heard all about how smooth the ride usually was, and all the cool scenery and wildlife we'd probably see.  And at first, everything was great.  We didn't get on board until late at night and we were both asleep by the time we actually left the dock.  But the following morning, almost as soon as I stood up to go brush my teeth, the nausea hit.  A crew member assured us that the water wasn't rough at all and that we were in fact experiencing an incredibly "smooth" passage (the swells were only 7' to 10').  Apparently Nick and I have extremely weak stomachs, because we were both miserably seasick all day long.  We took turns staggering down the hall to get food, but mostly stayed in bed. 

Nevermind scenery and wildlife, this is what we spent all day looking at.  Our room was small, but clean, and the beds were surprisingly comfortable.  Good thing too, since we barely left them.

By the following day, we had made it into the inside passage and the boat finally stopped rocking.  When people told me that the ride would be smooth, this is what I was expecting.  We only had half a day left on the boat, and Nick and I spent it everywhere but our cabin.

Most importantly, we made it safely to Juneau, but we probably won't be taking the ferry anywhere ever again.