Thursday, August 22, 2013

Resurrection Bay

Our wildlife cruise through Resurrection Bay was probably the highlight of Katie's visit.  We set out from Seward aboard the Nunatak and right away made friends with a total hippie from Girdwood and his Brazilian girlfriend, and then saw an adorable sea otter just as we left the harbor.  A very good start to an amazing cruise.

There were mountains, and glaciers, and just general gorgeousness all around.  We stopped for lunch at Fox Island where a park ranger gave a brief presentation about lots of people who loved the wilderness of Alaska so much, they decided to live in it.  Post lunch, we wore out our arms on the island's "skipping stone" beach.  Seriously, we all had very sore arms the next day, but who could resist an entire beach covered with perfect skipping stones?  Not us.

And then there was the wildlife.  We saw puffins, a rock covered with rowdy sea lions, starfish, bald eagles, mountain goats (if that's really what those specks of white on the mountainside were), and best of all, a humpback whale.  I spotted the whale spouting way off in the distance and told the captain so he could take us in for a closer look.  That's right, I spotted the whale.  I am a whale spotter.  If there is a whale, I will spot it.  It was beyond cool.

Finally, after four and a half hours of cruising bliss, we docked again at Seward and headed home with slightly sunburned faces and not nearly enough photos.  And because we hadn't really seen enough wildlife, we passed two moose and a couple more mountain goats (up close this time) on the way home.  We attribute our good luck with the critters to Katie's animal magnetism.  It was a great day.

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