Saturday, March 2, 2013


It's hard to believe we've already been here in Alaska for more than a week now.  Our roadtrip seemed to be never ending at the time, but I've finally recovered enough to be willing to revisit photos from the trip.  Again, had I not been driving the entire time, there would probably be a lot more pictures, but here's a handful to give you an idea of what we saw out on the road.  
The Badlands were about what you'd expect, judging by their name.  A whole lot of brown and grey scenery, and since we were traveling in the off season, most of the tourist traps were closed (bummer).  But Wall Drug Store was open, and it was wonderful in all its touristy glory.  We very much enjoyed the opportunity to walk around, check out photos and paintings from the Old West, and eat a proper meal (only 5 cents for coffee!).  Then we kicked the tumbleweeds away from our cars and got back to driving.

Columbia River was spectacular.  We barely noticed when we drove over the Mississippi or Yukon rivers, supposedly they're kind of big, but the Columbia, now that was impressive.

And then there was Canada.  So many beautiful mountains, I'm almost tempted to make the drive again just for the incredible views.  Almost.