Saturday, February 23, 2013

We Made It!

We finally made it to Alaska!  It only took about 80 hours of driving...  Pretty much as soon as we hit the Canadian border, the scenery got gorgeous.  For three days we drove past mountains, valleys and lakes.  Had I not been driving the entire time, I probably would have been taking pictures almost constantly.  While there were lots of beautiful sights to see, there weren't many places to stop for things like food, or sleep.  So for three days we mostly ate gas station sandwiches and slept in our car.  One of our dinners was warmed up by a running engine, and I was sitting for so long my ankles swelled up!  Never have I appreciated a shower and a bed and a home-cooked meal as much as I did yesterday.  I still have a little recouping to do (go away ankles!), but I already feel like a new person. 

This picture was taken just across the Alaskan-Canadian border, I'll post some more pictures from our drive soon.

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