Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rest Stop

Last Monday, Nick and I started our drive to Alaska, and yesterday we arrived in Spokane, Washington.  One of our dear friends lives here, so we're taking a few days to rest up and do a little visiting.  I cannot express how wonderful it is to not be driving!  Spokane is also the home of Nick's alma mater, Gonzaga, so after sleeping in this morning (bliss!) we went over to campus so Nick could show me around and do a little reminiscing.  After sitting in our cars for too many hours, our legs had almost forgotten what they were made for.  It was a beautiful day to walk around and we loved it!

Gonzaga is lovely.  We were able to visit a couple of Nick's old professors, get chai tea lattes at the student center and finish with a late lunch at one of Nick's favorite restaurants.  When we got home, we left again to go ballroom dancing with our host (so much fun)!  It's been a great day, with very little driving.  Hallelujah.  

In other news, yesterday was Valentine's Day, and my darling husband schemed to have a barbershop quartet serenade me while we were waiting for our friend (who happened to be one of the singers) to join us for lunch.  It was so sweet!  And then he cooked me a homemade lobster dinner.  Not bad for a Valentine's Day on the road :-)

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