Sunday, December 16, 2012

Goodbye Cambridge

After about three weeks in Cambridge, Ohio, Nick and I were starting to get a little antsy, so we were happy to pack up and head West today.  Not very far west, only a couple hours to another small town called Lancaster, where we'll be staying while we work in nearby Circleville.  Cambridge was nice while it lasted - the downtown area has a beautiful courthouse, there are some great restaurants and all kinds of quaint, little shops - and they kind of go crazy around Christmastime.  It's home of the Dickens Victorian Village, which means that there are life-size mannequins all over downtown dressed up like people from Victorian England or characters from A Christmas Carol.  It makes for a pretty interesting stroll along Main Street.  Lancaster seems a bit more sedate thus far, but it's really too soon to tell.  I'll have to report back on that later.


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