Saturday, November 3, 2012

On the Road

This past week has been a wild one.  We've been criss-crossing Kentucky and ducking in and out of Ohio, not staying in one place for more than two nights at a time.  We see a lot from our car windows, which keeps the drive interesting, but sometimes it's a little sad when we can't pull over and explore all the cool places that we're passing.  Just yesterday we were in Cave City, Kentucky, home of Mammoth Cave National ParkWe'd finished our assignment the night before, so it looked like we might actually be able to have some fun!  We made it as far as the park restaurant (someone was hungry), but then the phone started ringing, there were urgent emails that needed answering, and we had a new location to get to asap.  No caves for us.  Now we are in Cincinnati, Ohio (Batavia, if you want to be technical) and I am determined to go to the zoo tomorrow.  They have a baby giraffe, it's our day off, and I refuse to just pass by everything.


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