Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday!

I am happy to report that we did the American thing this morning and went shopping.  Of course, still being a little jet-lagged and all, we really didn't want to get up early.  And we didn't actually want to buy much.  But grandma wanted to go shopping, so shopping we went.  We found her a couple of nice sweaters, had a delicious lunch in the food court, and finally left the mall with a box of chocolates for ourselves.  A couple of Nick's friends joined us for lunch, and then we all headed to the Tacoma Art Museum.  The mall was fun, but it was nice to get away from the crowds and the crazy traffic.
After leaving the art museum, we walked about a block to the old Union Station, which is now a federal court house that happens to have some very cool glass exhibits.  My favorites are the giant orange flowers.  We did a little more wandering around (despite the rainy weather) and finally ended our outing with a cheeseburger for grandma and nachos for us.  

Today was pretty great.  Now we're all pooped and looking forward to a slightly more relaxed tomorrow.  I hope your Black Friday was equally awesome!


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