Wednesday, October 3, 2012


On Monday, Sept.24, Nick and I decided to move to Alaska.  We had been waiting on a promised job to come through, but repeated delays had pushed us beyond our financial limit, so we prepared to move in with his parents in Anchorage while looking for work there.  We spent the week selling our furniture, boxing up our belongings, deciding what to give away, take with us or store with my parents.  By the following Sunday, the Jeep was packed tighter than a drum (the back end sat so low we bottomed out going over speed bumps) and we were ready to start driving.  

Our plan was to spend the night with family in Chicago and then drive through to Spokane, WA where we would stay a couple days with an old friend before visiting Grandma in Seattle.  From there, we would head North into Canada and try to make as few stops as possible on our way to Anchorage.  After lots of teary goodbyes, we were on our way and made it to Chicago no problem.  We went out for breakfast with Aunt Mary the next morning, and just as we were getting back to her house, Nick got a phone call.  The long awaited project had finally come through!  They wanted us in Cincinnati, OH by Oct. 4, just three days later, to start training.  
Great news, but a lot to take in.  Here we were, all psyched for a ten-day, cross-country trek, excited to visit family and friends on the way and anxious about our future.  Never mind the emotional gamut we'd run everyone near and dear to us in Lansing through, not to mention ourselves.  We decided to take it easy for the day.  We took the train downtown and had some fun in Chicago, then had a celebratory dinner with family before driving back to Lansing for the night.  We returned to my parents' house (our apartment was empty and we'd already broken the lease) and spent the next day unpacking, sorting and repacking the Jeep before heading to Cincinnati that evening.  

Today has been a welcome break from the chaos.  We thought about going to the zoo, but opted to sleep in and do some much needed regrouping instead.  Tomorrow we'll begin training and get our first assignment.  Maybe we'll be able to find some kind of normalcy soon.  In the meantime, my head is spinning.

Photo by Matthew Porter

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