Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back to Work

Last Saturday evening, Nick and I packed up and drove to Lansing for a short visit. It was mostly a working trip, we needed to do laundry, consolidate our luggage, take care of selling Jeep, get mail, etc. To top it off, I got pretty sick Sunday afternoon, so I was off my feet and unable to accomplish most of what I'd hoped to get done that day. But it was good to be home. One day is not enough time to spend with all the friends and family that we're missing so much.  

Monday saw us on the road again, headed to the lovely Anderson County in Kentucky.  We're working in Lawrenceburg, but staying in nearby Frankfort.  It's cold and it's rainy, but I do love driving past the rolling hills dotted with horses.  We're back to work, hunkered down in our hotel room with lots of hot tea.  It feels pretty cozy.


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